3 Pat Metheny Licks from "It Starts When We Disappear" Free PDF download (YouTube Lesson) 34.5 KB
Tequila (the champs) Complete guitar tabs! 28.3 KB
Picking Warmups (next level guitar warmups) pdf TAB download for the "next level guitar warmup" YouTube video! 28.4 KB
Top 10 Hendrix Riffs guitar TAB pdf download 57 KB
Finger Pairs pg. 2 with string skips 24 KB
Moonshadow PDF (Yusuf/Cat Stevens) Complete PDF guitar tab download! 22.8 KB
Swept Away (banjo TAB) easy version of Avett Brothers' "Swept Away" 21.8 KB
Diminished Scale Workout Diminished Scales and Arpeggios 1.42 MB
Understanding Intervals [Part 2] Visualizing Intervals on the Neck 1.46 MB
Funky Terry Kath Riffs Free PDF download to accompany the YouTube Vid 79.7 KB
Steve Vai's 4 Beginner scale shapes Free PDF download! Enjoy and happy practicing! 563 KB
Joe Pass Major 2-5-1 Licks! complete PDF download! 54.3 KB
Open Position Major Scales Full PDF download from the Youtube lesson! 35.1 KB